Saturday, April 10, 2010

Work day at the center

Today Kim and I purchased the lumber and hardware to hang a false wall covering the mirrors at the art center. We had a great crew of volunteers come and help hang the studs. Rick DeTroyer was amazing - his expertiese kept us all on track and made the project go very efficiently. He was ably assisted by Mark Zimmerman along with our regular volunteer teens - John Spiher and Anna and Sam Sobel. We had help around the edges from my husband Bill as well. I'm sorry for the poor quality of the pictures - taken with my cell phone.

I didn't photograph them but at the same time that all this was going on Angela Lenhardt and her daughter and Arienne Zimmerman were hard at work at the nasty job of scrubbing down the bathrooms - kudos to them for tackling a yucky job and making everything spic and span!

We had other folks show up ready to work and didn't have tasks for them today but there will be lots more to do in the future so thanks all!

Next step will be covering the stud wall with homasote. We're waiting to hear back on the results of a grant request for materials on Monday. Meanwhile our sign is being fabricated and we hope to paint the facade of the building this week so lots going on.